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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How to Make Money Blogging |Earn $500 To $1000 Per Day |Step By Step Guideline For Beginners

Make Money Blogging For Beginners

I will give you a step-by-step method on how you can make money with blogging for free even as a beginner so just watch this article till the end because it is going to be a value-packed article and we are starting right now.

How to Make Money Blogging |Earn $500 To $1000 Per Day
How to Make Money Blogging |Earn $500 To $1000 Per Day

Choose A Perfect Blogging Niche

The first and foremost thing that you have to do to start blogging is to pick out a niche. That is pick out a category for your blog now the first thing that you need to look out for is your interest. Any category that you pick out you should be interested in creating content learning more about that category. But that category should be profitable once. You spend all this time in the end if you know that that category was not so profitable then all of this would be in vain and all of your efforts would be wasted.

Methods That Can Use To make Money 

 There are generally two ways through which you will mainly make money the first being google ads. You will place google ads on your website and that is one of the ways through which you will make money. Google ads are really decent in all the categories. But the thing that will skyrocket your revenue will be affiliate marketing does that niche that you are selecting has any products. That you can recommend has any products that you can give an affiliate link on your website. People can click on that link and make a purchase so in order to find products.

 In different categories you can come to an affiliate network for this article we are going to use click bank. If you don't know what click bank is?

 Click bank is the world's largest affiliate network. There are many categories in click bank in which you can select different products you can use any other affiliate network as well. But the main thing is you need to select your category. If the niche that you are selecting has some products. That you can sell has some products that you can promote on your website.  Once you have selected the category and the niche of your blog.

Kewords Research

 The second step will be finding keywords that you can target this is one of the most important steps.  This can make or break your blogging career keywords.  Basically, the terms that you want to rank for.  For example, I have just searched for blogging niche ideas in 2020 so there are many websites that are ranking on the top and so on.

Rank Your Website

So Google ranks different websites on many bases there are many parameters that google looks at while ranking. Different websites as you can see on Google there are not only 5-10websites that want to rank for this particular term.  Just scrolling down below as you can see there are hundreds and hundreds of different pages. There are hundreds of different websites that also want to rank for blogging niche ideas.

 But the main thing is the main way you will get free traffic is if you are able to rank on these first three positions.  That is the first second and the third most of the traffic 95%.   The traffic is taken away by these top three positions. The websites that are on the second third tenth page get little to no traffic. 

Two Aspects of Keyword Research

That is not what we need now there are two aspects. A  keyword the first being the volume of that keyword.  That means how many people are searching for a particular phrase. How many people are searching for a particular keyword?  You are targeting this will give you an idea if that keyword is worth targeting let's say you rank for the first position of some keyword.  That no one is searching so you will get no traffic and that effort would be to waste so the first thing is that keyword should be worth targeting.

The keyword should have a high volume. The second aspect is the competition you need to look out for the competition.  How many websites are targeting a particular keyword? what is the quality of that website that is trying to rank for that particular keyword?

You have a new blog and someone else has a 5-year 10-year-old blog trying to rank for the same keywords it will be very difficult for you to outrank that person. So there are two things that you need to look out for in the volume of a particular keyword. The competition of a particular keyword.

How to Make Money Blogging Earn $500 To $1000 Per Day
How to Make Money Blogging Earn $500 To $1000 Per Day

Don't worry I will tell you the exact process that I use in order to find good keywords. Those are worth targeting for starting out the affiliate product.  You have selected to promote will help you out in this keyword research.


For example, let's look at the health and fitness category in click bank.  You will see there are plenty of products that you can promote. If you look closely each and every product has an affiliate page. You can see over here an affiliate page this affiliate page has plenty of information that is very useful to you.

 How to promote? Which demographic works best?  What are the watchwords that you can target? Which countries work best all of this information can be really useful to you so just click on an affiliate page of the product.

 You have selected to promote just enter in your name and the email address that you have given on click bank. Once you get into the affiliate page.  You can see there are plenty of useful resources that we can use to our advantage to get the information. We need just scrolling down below this is the information.  We need that is keywords you can just download this list from click bank. This will give you a broad idea of what are the broad keywords that you can target.

 You have a list of the broad keywords then we can really get into the actual keyword research. That I am going to tell you let's say that you get this broad keyword that is how to start keto.  You will get plenty of broad keywords from that particular list that you have downloaded.

 Then what you have to do is select any broad keyword and just type it over on Google. what you have to do is just click space and as you can see all of these extra keywords are long-tail keywords.  You can target how to start a keto diet? How to start a keto diet at home?  How to start a keto diet for vegetarians?

 You can see all of these keywords are worth targeting all of these keywords are long keywords that you can target. You will get traffic for free now we need to look out for the two things. First, one is the volume and the second the competition.

How to Use Google and Ubersuggest To Find Keyword

  These keywords are getting automatically suggested by googling this means that people have really searched for. That keyword is really searched a lot or else why would google automatically fill this keyword like how to start a keto diet for weight loss. People search these keywords that is why Google is also automatically suggesting it to us. so if you use the method that I have told you you don't have to worry about checking the volume the second thing that you need to check out is the competition for checking the competition of any keyword you can use a free tool called ubersuggest.

 For example we are taking this keyword that is how to start a keto diet for weight loss just copy this and just paste in ubersuggest. Then just click on search and as you can see you have got the information that you are looking for. Ubersuggest fairly accurate when it comes to the amount of competition. So the only thing that you need to look out for is the SEO difficulty and anything under 30 is worth targeting. You can expect to rank for that particular keyword if you follow the correct steps and the correct procedure.

 Now you can do this process over and over again. Then you will get a bunch of keywords that you can target.  You can create content around those particular keywords.

Methods of content Production

 The third step will be content production. Well, there are two ways of producing content for any keyword the first one will be the copy and paste method it is easy but there are some cons there are some disadvantages to that method. The second will be creating the content yourself if you want to really start blogging.

 You want to make passive income month after month for the long term. You really want a consistent long term career online. Then you really need to create the content yourself.

Talking about the copy and paste method. There are multiple methods of creating content for free with the copy and paste method. You can use the google translate technique you can use a website called quora where you will find content on literally any keyword that you can think of. You can use the third method that is using free websites free articles and just mixing and matching those articles. Taking one paragraph from one article taking one paragraph from another and you can create the content that way.

But the only disadvantage to that will be google is very very strict in terms of the content copying policies. You not have your own unique content so google will not allow you to run Google ads on your website. If you don't have unique content google won't allow you to place ads you will still make money through affiliate marketing but the revenue that will come through google ads won't be there.

If you are fine with just making money through affiliate marketing and you want the easier method of creating content go ahead create content for free. There will be no other problems once you have created the content through any method.

Process To Publish The Content

 The fourth step will be publishing that content for that you will need two things. Firstly the domain name is the name of your website. Like this website name is jobsfindout.com. So you need a domain name for your website.

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Buy A Domain And Hosting Free

 You can buy that for around 05-15dollars for the whole year. The second thing that you will need is a hosting where your website will be hosted. Where your website will be stored. You can use BlogSpot for free.

The next step will be creating the website creating the article.  The landing pages, the logo, the name all those things for that it is very very simple you have tons and tons of free resources free video courses on youtube.

 You can create a website in WordPress or Blogspot it will literally take just one day to create the website. If you are ready to learn the only way you will succeed in this blogging world. If you are ready to learn many people get scared and don't take action. Because they think all of this is very very technical.

But let me tell you if you don't learn if you don't acquire the skills that will help you to make money. You won't be able to make money making a website is one of those skills. Ranking your website is another skill.

Create A Website Or Blog Free 

So all of this content is readily available on youtube for free. All you will have to do is just learn now once you have done all of this. Let s talk about how you will make money and how much money you can make well.

Money From Google Ads

 The first and foremost method for you making money will be these google ads you will be able to make passive income month after month through google ads. Once you reach a certain level on your website once you reach a certain amount of monthly visitors. Then you can apply for google AdSense.

Money From Affiliate Products

 They will run ads on your website the second way you will earn is through promoting your affiliate products. This is one of the most important things you can 2x3x …. you're revenue if you have some affiliate products that you can promote.  People tend to buy these products from different websites.

Generate Passively Income

 You can make a lot of money through recommending and promoting different products to your audience. The best part about blogging is it is very very passive once you have created the website ranked the website then you can leave that website. That website will keep on paying you month after month passively.

 You don't have to be hands-on. You don't have to very actively work on a website. So you can create one website to finish that website. Move on to the other website finish that website. Move on to the third website.  So this way you can build a portfolio of plenty of websites.  That will pay you month after month passively.  People have made six-seven figures per month.

 Just by blogging so this industry this method has a lot of potentials. Only for the people who are ready to learn. If you like this method of making money online and want to learn another method which I have told you.

 How you can make money even from the first day of following that method. If you like this method of online earning then comment in the comment box.  I will soon post other articles that have methods through which you can make money even from the first day for absolutely free.

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